The BIMAL edible oil factory in Brčko is the main operating company of the BIMAL Group, which uses a combination of people and automatic management to produce edible oil from sunflower, soybean and rapeseed seeds according to the highest standards.

The company BIMAL dd realizes the production of edible oil from raw materials to the finished product. With a production capacity of 120,000 mt, refining capacity of 66,000 mt, and raw material storage capacity of 100,000 m3, BIMAL dd places more than 150,000 tons of different products on the market annually.

The BIMAL factory has a favorable geographical location and is located on the tri-border of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. It is directly connected to the highway, the railway and the international Port of Brčko on the Sava River, which provides excellent logistical opportunities both in the procurement of raw materials and in the marketing of products to industrial and end customers.

As BIMAL is one of the largest exporters in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in addition to meeting the requirements of domestic production, production at the BIMAL factory is also in accordance with international production standards, which gives the company the opportunity to be a proud producer of quality domestic products.


BIMAL Group, in accordance with the expansion of its business and the increase of its production capacity, took over the factory for the production of edible oil NOVO SUNCE in Sombor. Through a long history, Sombor oil and vegetable fat factory was founded in 1972. as OOUR “INUS”. Due to changes in the way of doing business and organization, the factory in August 1991. becomes a joint-stock company SUNCE.

Today, BIMAL SUNCE is a modern factory with modern technology and production of high quality products, with a production capacity of 130,000 tons. Thanks to the establishment of its own production in Serbia, BIMAL Group gained a significant advantage and regional leadership in discovering new markets and meeting the needs of traditional markets.

BIMAL Trading doo

BIMAL Trading was founded in 2013 in Serbia, with headquarters in Belgrade and represents a trading company within the BIMAL Group. BIMAL Trading is primarily responsible for BIMAL Group’s trading activities, procurement of raw vegetable oils, oilseeds and grains, as well as distribution of BIMAL Group’s finished products to the Serbian market.


ŽITOPROMET Brčko was founded in 1956 year, and since 2009 is part of the Agro-Industrial Complex of STUDEN Holding, and represents a service company in the BIMAL Group. The company provides storage and office capacities that enable the adequate provision of business park services and support for the further development of the economy in Brčko District.

BIMAL Invest doo

BIMAL Group founded the service company BIMAL Invest in 2017 with headquarters in Belgrade, with the aim of business development and improvement of the business network in Serbia and the surrounding area.


In addition to the raw materials and components for animal feed that have been produced in BIMAL Group factories before, with the acquisition of the animal feed factory BEČEJKA 2021 In 2008, the business group started the production of complete and supplementary mixtures for feeding domestic animals.