Quality and protection of the environment

Production within the BIMAL Group is organized according to the highest production standards, following the postulate of the BIMAL Group that quality does not allow compromises.

For 20 years, the BIMAL Group has been constantly working on improving the quality of its products.

The company operates according to six international standards: IFS, Halal, Kosher, GMP+ and NO GMO Produced standard. BIMAL Group is a member of the Donau Soja Association, which confirms its commitment to the production of non-GMO products.

From receiving raw materials to filling the packaging, every step of production is monitored and documented through 150 internal controls. Products at the BIMAL factory are also checked organoleptically, i.e. sensory control by the quality control department, in order to obtain the desired smell, taste and appearance.

We systematically implement the policy of sustainable development, following the activities defined within the environmental protection program. By adopting new production technologies, BIMAL Group strives for constant improvement of environmental conditions with rational use of resources, energy consumption and responsible waste management.