Firm business strategy precedes positive results

Brčko, 30.04.2020 – The Financial statements of the only edible oil factory in the country BIMAL d.d. Brčko show that BIMAL is successfully adjusting to the business challenges. The profit of the BIMAL Company in 2019 is approx. BAM 4.300.000 which is the result of continuous and consistent fulfillment of the set business strategy, but also of the adjustments to the actual market conditions. If observed on level of the entire consolidated BIMAL Group, the results show successful operations in all segments, both financial and market.

“The Financial statements for companies with firm business strategy, with transparent and rational operations and tradition of growth, have always been one of the most reliable indicators of business conditions and situation on the market. The previous year was economically complex and it required significant business adjustments, where the consistence with our strategy is very important, especially when the fluctuations of prices on global stock exchanges and foreign exchange ratios are increasingly unpredictable” said Nataša Pucar, Director of Corporate Communications of the STUDEN Holding, within which BIMAL factory operates.

Business plans presented at the beginning of last year have been successfully realized, and BIMAL is one of the rare BiH companies to complete a large acquisition in the region, by taking over the edible oil factory in Sombor. With that it started its own production in the region which is excellent for growing of oilseeds, in the BIMAL SUNCE factory in Serbia. Also, investments in the factory in Brčko have not ceased, and significant funds were used in order to have the complete production system improved, and needs of the domestic and exp0ort markets met.

“We are aware that properly set strategy and in accordance with that, also realistic goals, always precede overcoming of the various challenges. However, this year is extremely specific, and COVID 19 has without a doubt already infected entire economy and commerce. The consequences will have a chain reaction, from one industry to another, and how much domestic businesses and entrepreneurs will suffer, it depends on the branch of the industry, political situation and flexibility of operations“ Pucar said.

Brčko’s BIMAL factory is a part of the Austrian business Group which in 2002 successfully took over the factory. In last 18 years the processing capacities have been increased five times, and besides being the leader on domestic market, BIMAL also exports its products to markets all around the world.