The Federal Minister of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, Mr. Kemal Hrnjić, with his colleagues, as part of his today’s visit to the Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also visited the only domestic edible oil factory – BIMAL Brčko.

The general director of the BIMAL Brčko company, Mr. Ilija Studen, and the executive director for economic affairs, Mr. Ševal Suljkanović, spoke with Minister Hrnjić about the current situation on the oilseed market, with an emphasis on those that are processed in the only edible oil factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the rapeseed harvest has just been completed, with a high-quality yield, and this year’s yields of soybeans and
sunflowers will be good.

At the meeting, it was pointed out that BIMAL Brčko, as a proud domestic producer, fully meets the needs of the domestic market, and that it has been a leader in the oil industry in the region for years. The importance of domestic production, which is most recognized in crises, was also emphasized. This was seen during the period of COVID and the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, when the world was left without basic food products, and only those who had their own domestic production, including our country, were safe. That is why BIMAL always focuses on supplying the domestic market first, and only then the export market.

They also discussed the good cooperation that BIMAL has with domestic farmers, primarily through the Institute for the Improvement and Development of Oilseeds (IRUP). Incentive measures in agriculture were also praised, and the good relations that the company has with the expert services of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry were highlighted. The ministry’s work on activities aimed at increasing the area under agricultural crops was also praised.

Minister Hrnjić, accompanied by Mr. Studen and Mr. Suljkanović, also visited the plants in the Agro-Industrial Complex of STUDEN&Co Holding in Brčko – from the silos and reception of oilseeds to the oil bottling plant, expressing his satisfaction with what he saw.