Days of oilseeds in Brčko: Domestic production, a priority in time of crisis

Brčko, March 03, 2022 – In organization of the Institute of agricultural development and promotion – IRUP Brčko and BIMAL Company, a Day of oilseeds took place with the subject “The importance of domestic production and stocks in time of crisis“. The agriculture producers have, after almost two years, had an opportunity to meet in one place and discuss the situation in agriculture with the representatives of the relevant institutions.

“We were reminded about the power and importance of the domestic production mainly due to the crisis caused by COVID. Only our own production of food can provide security to BiH, and strong agricultural production and increase of the raw materials base present the grounds for stable food production“, said the Executive director for economic affairs of the BIMAL Company, Ševal Suljkanović.

The agricultural production in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in respect of industrial plants and oilseeds cultures, has room for development. In purpose of this, it is necessary to have a set of measures and incentives which would encourage the producers to decide for sowing and increase the planted surfaces, according to agricultural producers.

“The Day of oilseeds exists in order to provide an opportunity to the agricultural procedures of oilseeds to get the information on guaranteed purchase which is provided by the sole domestic edible oil factory BIMAL. With increase of oilseeds raw materials base in BiH, we will at the same time stop the dependence on import of raw materials and have positive effect on domestic agriculture and protection of domestic producers“, Suljkanović added.

The representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Srpska and Federation of BiH, Department of Agriculture of the Brčko District, and Ministry of Agriculture of Posavina County, have spoken about activities which the relevant institutions are conducting in order to improve the condition of domestic agriculture and incentivize the production when the prices of production materials are going up.

The conclusion from the Days of oilseeds is that the domestic agricultural production can be developed and thus ensure the adequate raw materials base and stocks of food during crisis. With joint efforts of all stakeholders in this process, the agricultural producers have better opportunities to turn to production and strengthening of the domestic competitiveness. In the end, it was pointed out that the domestic production alone, without awareness on purchasing of domestic products, cannot cause importance changes in the country.