BIMAL provided stable supply of the BiH market with edible oil during the pandemic

Brčko, 01.03.2021 – Brčko’s Edible oil factory BIMAL d.d. despite to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, conducted the business in 2020 with positive result. Even though the overall revenues declined by around 5%, i.e. to approx. BAM 175 Mio, primarily due to reduction in deliveries to some of the export markets, which was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the profit remained on the same level as in last business year and it amount to approx. BAM 4.5 Mio. Consolidation on BIMAL Group level shows that the last year has still prevented achieving of the set goals for overall sales, and it remains to be seen if this business year will bring overcoming of the pandemic crisis and enable again the growth of all business parameters.

“The only edible oil factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BIMAL, not even for a moment in last year allowed that the market and citizens remain without the staple food product. Our strategy and flexibility which is based on the developed, stable business model, which includes production in several countries, enabled us to overcome the complexity of the situation which incurred and to provide the preconditions for continuous supplying of the domestic market with edible oil“ said Ilija Studen, CEO of BIMAL and president of the STUDEN Holding Management.

Business plants in respect of investments in the plants of the BIMAL factory have not been stopped in 2020, so the construction was finished of the new Boiler-room on husks as well as trial operation, and this is state of the art technology which significantly reduces the costs for the saved energy, by producing steam in environmentally acceptable manner in accordance with the EU standards.

“We have to point out that the situation with Corona virus did not affect only the economy, but also the individuals, and we have, by enabling work from home, stipulating adequate internal rules, with one comprehensive, serious approach, preserved the production, jobs, and together with our employees provided that BIMAL achieves similar results as in previous year, successfully overcoming the challenges brought by COVID“ said Studen.

Edible oil factory BIMAL was renewed in 2002 by Austrian investors and it is located in the Agro-Industrial complex of STUDEN Holding in Brčko.