BIMAL and Bečejka signed a Memorandum of Understanding

Brčko, May 14, 2021 – Brčko-based BIMAL and the Bečej feed factory signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which BIMAL expressed its intention to take over the majority ownership share in this factory. BIMAL Group has notified the concentration to the competent regulatory authorities for the protection of competition in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is submitting the same notifications in other national institutions where there is an obligation to notify.

BIMAL Group, through its company BIMAL Agri in Bečej, has been cooperating with the Bečej feed factory for years. Given that BIMAL Agri and Bečejka are located in the immediate vicinity, it is just natural to merge these two units into an economically and logistically integrated agro-industrial complex, which as part of the BIMAL Group would gain a stronger position in terms of technological knowledge and export potential.

In 2019, BIMAL bought the BIMAL SUNCE edible oil factory in Sombor, and by initiating the acquisition and integration of the Bečejka factory, it continues to develop its business group and expand its production capacities in Serbia. By acquiring ownership in the Bečej feed factory, BIMAL creates additional potential and business opportunities, thus strengthening its position in the markets of the Western Balkans, the EU and the Middle East.

Today, the BIMAL Group includes factories for the production of edible oil BIMAL in Brčko and BIMAL SUNCE in Sombor, BIMAL Trading and BIMAL Invest in Belgrade, BIMAL Agra in Bečej, and ŽITOPROMET and the Institute for Development and Improvement of Agriculture – IRUP in Brčko.