Košarac visited Agro-Industrial complex of STUDEN Holding in Brčko

Brčko, 03.09.2020 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Relations Staša Košarac visisted the Edible oil factory BIMAL, Sugar refinery STUDEN-AGRANA and the Agro-Industrial Complex of STUDEN Holding in Brčko. As the biggest investor in the food industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina, STUDEN Holding presented its production facilities and high-quality products it places on the domestic market and the export markets of the European countries, Western Balkans and Middle East.

Taking into the account that BIMAL and STUDEN AGRANA are sole domestic producers of edible oil and sugar, the focus is on production continuity, in goal of providing a stable supply to the domestic market. The domestic industry is in very difficult position caused by the COVID 19 crisis and therefore it is crucial that the authorities on all levels coordinate their work in order to make this already difficult situation easier at least institutionally, and not to make it even more difficult, said Ševal Suljkanović, Executive Director of BIMAL for economic issues. The visit of Minister Košarac assures us that the Minister and the Ministry do recognize the importance of preserving the domestic industry in this extremely difficult economic situation in general and it is a clear message to all domestic producers that we have a partner for discussions, Suljkanović pointed out.
During the meeting and visit to the production facilities the Minister Košarac pointed out the importance of domestic production of edible oil and sugar, and expressed readiness for proactive work which would provide stable and continuous supply of the market.
The delegation was welcomed on behalf of STUDEN Holding by Ševal Suljkanović, Executive Director of BIMAL for economic issues, Nataša Pucar, Director of Corporate Communications of STUDEN Holding, and on behalf of the District Srđan Blažić, Head of Department for Professional and Administrative Affairs.