BIMAL first in the production of food products

Sarajevo, 14.09.2021 – At the 34th awards ceremony within the project “100 largest in BiH”, the Edible oil factory BIMAL is on the first place in the ranking of activities “Production of food products”. Based on the indicators from the financial report for last year, the company from Brčko is once again the leader in this category.

“BIMAL retains the status of a leader through the quality of its products, investments and continuous development in which all our employees participate. The business in the food industry has been taking place for too long under great pressure from Corona virus, so the first place in food production is one of the indicators that BIMAL’s affiliation with the STUDEN Group enables a stable business environment,” said Nataša Pucar, Corporate Communications Director of the STUDEN Group.

The project “100 largest in BiH” is traditionally organized by Poslovne novine in cooperation with the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH and the credit rating agency LRC Sarajevo. Based on indicators from the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement, BiH economy is presented in the ranking lists sorted by activities.

“The event “100 largest in BiH” has significant impact on the perception of the domestic economy. This is a place to present success stories, growing businesses and companies that contribute to the development of our country, “said Pucar.

Brčko’s BIMAL is the only edible oil factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the products under the brand with the same name are the only domestic products in the category of basic food staples. The company operates within the BIMAL Group, which bedies the production in BiH, also owns the factory for the production of edible oil in Serbia, in Sombor. Investments in business development have resulted in the expansion of capacities and markets, making BIMAL products today available worldwide.